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AAPPAC 2024 Conference


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The Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres (AAPPAC), established in 1996, is dedicated to encouraging artistic exchange among performing arts centers in the Asia-Pacific region and tirelessly working towards creating a close-knit international collaboration network. It is a highly influential performing arts organization in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • 82 members across more than 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific region
  • 46 prominent performing arts centers in the Asia-Pacific region
  • 36 internationally renowned arts organisations and arts-related businesses


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Was the online theatre and digital performance just a fleeting phenomenon during the crisis? Or does it indicate that the performing arts industry, with theater venue as its primary production domain, is embarking on a new operational model?


Panel Discussions

The theme of this year’s conference is Mind the Gap, Lead the Path, with the focus on four major challenges that performing arts venues around the world are facing: continuous innovation, local connections, constant sustainability, and AI technology. Each forum session has been designed to inspire new thinking and action plans by theater decision makers and leaders. Working together, cultural gaps can be eliminated, ensuring that arts and culture continue to move forward. 



TPAC warmly welcomes AAPPAC Conference attendees to experience the diversity, innovation, and abundant energy of Taiwan's performing arts through a wonderful performance program.


Connecting Series

The Connecting Series is an opportunity for AAPPAC members to share ideas on potential partnerships through the development and presentation of new work. It aims to connect the network through partnerships; providing a platform for commissioning between members, with key outcomes of a greater longevity for work and increase exposure for artists.

Proceed to AAPAC Connecting Series page



The Showcase Project, curated from the professional perspective of "the critics' choice", will feature 12 Taiwanese performing arts groups, showcasing the richness of Taiwan's performing arts creations. Through this internationally-oriented project, TPAC aims to bridge for interdisciplinary creative exchange between performing arts venues in the Asia-Pacific region and Taiwanese performing arts groups.


About Taipei

The Taipei Performing Arts Center, with the goal of becoming a "City Art Theater," has planned an itinerary that highlights the unique features of Taipei City.  In addition to participating in the AAPPAC conference, we hope that our distinguished guests will have an unforgettable journey experiencing the cultural landscapes of Taipei.

  • Taipei Performing Arts Center: Named by CNN as one of the "most anticipated buildings opening or completing in 2021."
  • Taipei Music Center: The first pop music center in Asia
  • Xinbeitou Tour: Visit Xinbeitou Station, Hot Springs Museum, enjoy Taiwanese creative cuisine and experience traditional music instrument Yueqin
  • Shilin Local Scenery: Recommendations for exploring the cultural attractions in the Shilin District

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Optional Tour

In addition to deeply experiencing Taiwan's arts and culture during the conference, participant can also choose to join optional tour after the conference. These tours offer an opportunity for visiting additional cultural venues and performing arts groups:

  • Cloud Gate Dance Theatre
  • U-Theatre
  • Contemporary Legend Theatre
  • National Taichung Theater
  • National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)