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VMTheatre Company “Don’t Cry, Dancing Girls the Musical” 主要圖片

VMTheatre Company “Don’t Cry, Dancing Girls the Musical”

2024-06-15 - 2024-06-30

The most trending musical in 2023! Tickets were sold out within seconds!
More than a year of preparation, Don’t Cry, Dancing Girls will be in TPAC in June 2024!

When three sisters returned after many years to their old family home in Huwei, Yunlin, they found that their uncle, aunt, third great-uncle, and second great-aunt had hardly aged a day; only the passage of time had left its mark on the derelict house. The sisters, initially falling over each other to waive their right to inheritance, in an unexpected series of events were drawn into their second great-uncle's dying wish—the Song family member that performs in the soul-guiding song troupe may receive the family's five million inheritance. The three sisters took on the challenge; with the aim of splitting the inheritance, they started from scratch and restrained themselves in the art of the soul-guiding song. As they searched through the small town, they unexpectedly evoked memories of their long-lost father—a gambler and Taoist priest, and their mother, a professional mourner, and the estranged family ties, at long last, emerged one after another.


Creative and Production Team

Producer|LIN Yu-ling
Co-producer|LI Yan-fu
Artistic Director|TSENG Hui-cheng
Librettist|ZHAN Jie
Music Director & Composer|Robert KANG

Choreographer|CHANG Ya-ting
Stage Designer|HSIEH Chun-an
Lighting Designer|HO Ting-tsung
Multimedia Designer|HSU Yi-chun
Prop Designer|Yan-xing
Costume Designer|CHANG Yu-chieh
Hair Designer|YANG Yu-jen
Makeup Designer|LU Ching-wen

Key Vision Designer|Haospring Design · CHEN Pei-chi
Inscription|HUANG Chung-ken
Cast|CHANG Ching-chia, CHANG Fang-yu, KUNG Neng-an, TSENG Chih-yuan, LU Cheng-you, HUANG Ju-dong, TSENG Ssu-yu, HU Ya-chieh, LI Min- chieh, HUANG Yi-hao, HUANG Hui-sen, ZHOU Wan-yi, CHOU Cheng-hsien, CHOU Chen-yu
Orchestra|Robert KANG, WU Kang-chiu, LIN Hong-yu, LIN Yi-Xian
Assistant Director|CHU Lo-cheng
Script Consultant|CHIEN Li-ying
Vocal Coach|HSIEH Chun-ya
Taiwanese Soul Guiding Song Teacher|LIN Tsung-fan
Sanxian Teacher|LEE Tau-ying
Taiwanese Opera Figure Designer|Liu Kuan-liang
Taiwanese Consultant|Peng Chia-chia
Taiwanese Adviser|HSIEH Chun-ya
Translator|Jim Reynolds,  LU Cheng-you, YEN Chih-hsiang
Assistant Choreographer|HUANG Yi-hao, HU Ya-chieh, HUANG Hui-sen
Program|LI Bo-lin (Cow Horn), LI Zi-ying (Sanxian)
Stage Manager|CHANG Ting-ting
Stage Manager Assistant|CHEN Ying-cih
Technical Director|LIN Hsin-hsuan, HSIEH Ming-ting

Hair & Makeup Team|UBAH Aesthetic Styling, Department of Fashion Styling and Design Communication
Rehearsal Assistant|HSU Yung-chieh

Production Manager|LIN Yi-heng, CHENG Han-wen
Integrated Marketing|CHENG Han-wen
Marketing|LIU Yuling 
Marketing Director of KOKO Entertainment|TAN Hsing-chen
Publicity for KOKO Entertainment|SU Cheng-ting, CHANG Jo-chi
Production Coordinator of KOKO Entertainment|WU Ke-yun
Photographer|Terry LIN

The VMTheatre Company

The VMTheatre Company, founded in 2007, is based on the performance concepts and creative structure of New York's musicals and feeds on local culture. The Company looks for realistic themes which are close to contemporary life from a humanistic point of view. It is especially interested in working and developing with young artists in music, dance, literature and theater in the hope of helping to contribute to the evolution of Taiwan's own musical culture through exchanging views and crossover collaborations.

The company expects the audience to witness a piece of genuine human life, not merely a performance. As the actors experience aspects of life through structured speech, dance and music, the productions aim to become an experience that is not only emotionally shared between the performers and the audience, but actually co-created by performer and audience member.

VMTheatre Company is selected as NCAF 2021-2023 TAIWAN TOP Performing Arts Group