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2024 TCAF: Midsummer Concert- Relaxed Performance 主要圖片

2024 TCAF: Midsummer Concert- Relaxed Performance

2024-07-06 - 2024-07-07

This concert is open to everyone!
Audiences don’t need to hold their breath or sit stiffly.
Those uncomfortable sitting for long periods can freely enter and exit the seating area at any time.
And there’s no need to apologize for making any involuntary sounds.

Relaxed Performance is a special event that celebrates artistic inclusivity, welcoming audiences with various physical needs to come and enjoy the music. Anyone hesitant about entering the concert hall due to various concerns can now relax and enjoy the performance without worrying about others’ opinions.
This time, the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra presents one of Mozart’s most significant works, Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, KV 550, composed in the summer of 1788. Schubert once remarked that one could hear the sound of angels in this symphony. We invite you to the Globe Playhouse to experience this masterpiece up close.
Performance piece: Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, KV 550
Audiences can experience the performance in a relaxed atmosphere, with the freedom to leave and return to their seats as needed.


【Performing Group】

Guest Conductor: Chang Yu-An

Born in Taipei and raised in Penghu, Taiwan, Yu-An was awarded the 1st. Prize of the Bucharest International Conducting Competition in 2016. In 2018, he served as conducting fellow at Tanglewood Music Festival and was then appointed as Assistant Conductor to the Boston Symphony Orchestra for two seasons until 2020. He is appointed as Principal Conductor of the Taipei Chinese Orchestra in 2022 as continuing his conducting activities across Europe, America, and Asia.

Yu-An began his music journey at the age of 16 with traditional instruments. Prof. Apo Ching-Hsin Hsu was his first mentor, leading his way to the field of conducting. In 2022, he graduated with a Meisterklasse degree from Hochschule fuer Musik Hanns Eisler, Berlin, under Prof. Christian Ehwald and Prof. Hans-Dieter Baum. 

In August 2019, Yu-An made his Tanglewood debut with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He then led 4 subscription concerts at Boston Symphony Hall in January 2020, which the critics described as “A marvel of precision, expression and clarity.”

In 2016, Yu-An married the girl of his dreams, Kai-Chuan. They live together in Berlin.


Narrator: Pokey Lin

Although never in music school for one day, Pokey Lin carry through passion and efforts in the music industry, immersing himself in the music being throughout the years. Continuously delving into music studies and projects on packaging design and marketing, behind many years experiences as a marketing manager at Rock Records, he now serves as music director at Jingo Records and as edit director at Happy Music Media, where he participates wide range of tasks including copywriting, marketing, and concert productions. Pokey receives invitation to be a lecturer at Music Department at Aletheia University, show host at CTV program series “Home Music Hall” and radio station “Taiwan New Telecommunication”, art lecturer at National Academy of Civil Service, column writer at MUZIK magazine, and art events host invited by private units.

Evergreen Symphony Orchestra (ESO)
Established by Evergreen Group Chairman Yung-fa Chang in 2001, is a musical group full of energy, team spirit, discipline and professionalism. To date, it has hold exceeding 1,000 performances at home and abroad including Asia, Europe, the US, Australia and the mainland China featuring music genres of classic music, crossover music and pop music, etc. 

Affiliated with Chang Yung-fa Foundation, ESO holds regular periodical performances at concert halls, as well as gives and participates charity concerts in schools in remote and isolated areas, medical institutions and prisons, hoping with beautiful melodies to cleanse and calm one’s souls, and at the same time to get rid of social violence. Furthermore, it also arranges special programs featuring classic music, folk music and music scores of famous films through musical education to popularize the classical music. 

More Info: www.evergreensymphony.org/
Facebook: ESO

Evergreen Symphony Orchestra Musicians & Staff

Founder: Chang Yung-fa

Executive Director: Chung Teh-mei

Director: Chang Yih-shih

Chief Artistic Adviser & Conductor Laureate: Gernot Schmalfuss

Resident Conductor: Chuang Wen-chen


Administration Section

Junior Vice President: Shen Su-chu Shen, Fu Tzu-chien

Manager: Chang Chang

Deputy Manager: Yeh Hsueh-chun

Staff: Iou Wei-pyng, Wang Chung-chien, Lan Hsiu-chen, Su Kuei-pin


Acting Concertmaster: Hong Hsang-chu


First Violins

Chen Chih-chien、Chu Ching-chia、Chang Yi-ruo、Yang Wan-chien、Jeng Chen-you、Yen Yu-kuang


Second Violins

Principal: Lin Guan-ru

Co-Principal: Chien Shao-yu

Kuo Chi-wen Kuo、Wang Chung-kai、Hsueh Yuan-yun、Huang An-rou



Hsieh Ting-yu、Lu Chia-min、Chen Ko-ni、Chen Jo-fan、Chiang Yen-hsin



Liu Hui-fen、Lin Chun-han、Shao Pei-lin、Liao Hsi-chiao


Double Basses

Principal: Wu Zi-an

Lo I-chun、Chiu Hsin-yi、Lai Wen-jyun



Tsutsumi Yuka



Kao Wei-chien、Liu Ya-lan



Principal: Chuang Hui-chu

Lin Yen-liang



Wu Wan-ching、Lin Yen-chung



Huang Chia-i


Guest Players

First Violins

Chang Yu-yao、Chang Nien-hsin、Chen Chin-yu


Second Violins

Hu Yung-hsung、Wang Sung-en



Tseng Hua-yen



Hsu Yuan-ling、Yang Yu-hsuan



Chang Xiang-jun