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Museum II: Ridden 主要圖片

Museum II: Ridden

A part of the series of The Museum project, is a practice- and observation- based which reflect the potential relationship between disaster and dance. In this series, bodies after disaster and its activity are remixed and become the essential element in the movement research. Created by Leu Wijee in 2019 and developing with Mio Ishida and Hung Wei-Ling.

Museum II: Ridden is a collaborative performance that melts movement, object and sound, centers on exploring the body of readiness. This work can be also approached acoustically and seen as a choreography that integrates rituals, opens up dimension and transports us to a realm where our sense of time and space merges. It has been presented in Indonesian Dance Festival 2022.

In this edition of ADAM Kitchen, together aims the interconnected relationship between tempo, gesture, and communication, investigating rhythm from both ritualistic and musicality perspectives. Furthermore, by unfolding a dynamic structure in which elements continually accumulate, reconstruct and transform, they attempt to challenge the concept of performing and perceiving in both stage design and choreography.


Leu Wijee/Choreographer, Performer

Leu Wijee is an Indonesian dancer and choreographer, 1998 Sulawesi-born, and currently based in Palu and Jakarta. Starting his career with (self-taught) street dance, he was trained in traditional Indonesian dance and other contemporary forms at Animal Pop Dance under direction of Jecko Siompo (2014-2019). Leu experiments with body, materials and spaces, and uses choreography to switch on everything. He describes how his studio process as ‘the great grandmother remix’ is influenced by nature, movement, and the collaborator itself. His works include “Museum I: Waves” “Museum II: Ridden” and “New Onigiri” which reflects the potential relationship between disaster and dance. Recently, He has participated in various performances, such as Indonesian Dance Festival 2022, Sync Next 2022 by Sejong Season, Stre@m - An Asian Digital Dance Platform , Tokyo Festival 2021 Farm-Lab Exhibition, Imajitari x Jakarta International Contemporary Dance Festival 2021 by Jakarta Arts Council, and Helatari 2021 by Salihara Arts Center.

Photo by Kazuyuki Matsumoto


Mio Ishida/Collaborator, Performer 

Mio Ishida (Japanese-born artist) actor and dancer based in Tokyo. She graduated from the theater & dance program, J.F. Oberlin University College of Performing and Visual Arts. Her appereance mainly in the frame of Drama and she studies contemporary dance, classical ballet and contemporary colloquial theater at university, and has appeared in performances by Spacenotblank directed by Hirotaka Fukui, and Marebito Theater Company Productions directed by Masataka Matsuda. Ishida is creating a project called “Languange A” a piece that focuses on evoking the relationship between the human body and objects. “Jikotenji” which involves exhibiting the contents of the bag she ordinarily uses, including herself. Recently, she was selected, and participated at Indonesian Dance Festival 2022, Program for Future Dancers (Course B: Lecture & Laboratory (2021-2022) by Arts Council Tokyo, at Farm-Lab Exhibition by Tokyo Festival (2021) and Stre@m - An Asian Dance Digital Platform (2022-2023) Co-Host by Seoul International Dance Festival & Contact Contemporary Dance Festival.

Photo by Kazuyuki Matsumoto


Hung Wei-Ling/Visual Artist, Performer

Hung Wei-Ling graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She currently works as a visual and performing artist in Taiwan. Her work employs a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing a diverse range of media. Communication, identification, the complex sense of belonging and displacement, are essential themes explored through her immersive way of storytelling. In most of her works, she constructs and performs intuitively, pushing and playing with the boundaries of the materials, and embodying a modern wanderer’s fluid state of identification in contemporary society. She has exhibited her work in various art shows and performances, including the Amsterdam Museum, EYE Film Institute, W139 Amsterdam, PAB (Performance Arts Bergen) Open, TA-DA in Copenhagen, Arte Laguna Price in Venice, Sam Rit Residency Thailand, and Taitung Live Art Center.

Photo by Riccardo Grassetti