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Miaobei Art Center-Someday Over the Rainbow 主要圖片

Miaobei Art Center-Someday Over the Rainbow

2024-04-20 - 2024-04-21

A story spanning three generations, two young people chase their dreams and find touching moments that will last forever in their memories.


Every time we risk our lives, it is to protect the people we cherish.

Aunt Jin Lai, who lives alone in the mountain city of Miaoli, had an idea and made a fake treasure map with the help of the village chief. She did this so that her grandson Ziqiang, who was born in Taiwan but now staying in the United States, could return to Taiwan and achieve his musical dream. Little does he know that in the process of searching for the treasure, Ziqiang will uncover a forgotten chapter in his family's history and reconnect memories with his deceased loved ones.


Production Company|Miaobei Art Center

Presenter|LIN Chia-ying

Producer|HO Kang-kuo

Director|LIANG Chin-min


Music Director, Composer and Orchestration|CHEN Kuo-hua

Lyricist|CHUNG Yung-feng

Screenwriter|KUO Yi-hung

Choreography|WU Yi-fang

Set Designer|LI Po-lin

Lighting Designer|CHIEN Li-zen

Costume Designer|LIN Heng-cheng

Visual Designer|WANG Yi-sheng


Leading Actors|KUO Tze-cheng, Emily GUAN, Anthony NEELY and WU Yu-han

Guest Actor|HSU Chun-keng

Actors|CHU En-wei, CHIANG Yu-wen, HO Chia-en, WU Chih-yu, SHIH Yu-tsen, HONG Tzu-yen, HSU Hao, CHEN Yuan-si, Tang Wei-chun, FENG Hsien-chih, YANG Pei-chen, YANG Hsiang-chih, LIU Jui-tsu, CHENG Shou-chen, LAI Kuan-ying and Berton SU

Understudy|SHAO Yu-shen

Orchestra|LongTan Philharmonic Orchestra

Choir|Taipei Mae Choir

Performance Partnership|Godot Theatre Company


More Info

Website: https://www.miaobeiac.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miaobeiac.org/

Miaobei Art Center

To promote the balanced development of the entire region of Miaoli County, and to create a cultural space that integrates art and life and leisure, the Miaoli County Government commissioned the construction of the "Miaobei Art Center" with the intention of integrating the art and culture resources of the North Miaoli and enhancing the local humanities and artistic atmosphere and elevating the local humanities and arts scene. The Center is also focused on promoting the local characteristic culture to the international stage, and appropriately introduces cross-strait and international art culture to make Miaoli County a great place to enjoy cultural life.

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