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TPAC X 4 CHAIRS THEATRE :Every Brilliant Thing 主要圖片

TPAC X 4 CHAIRS THEATRE :Every Brilliant Thing

2024-03-14 - 2024-03-23

“ When I was seven years old, I wrote a list, a list of all the brilliant things about the world, everything that’s worth living for. ” This is a gift to my mom in the hope that she will live on.


One person, one list, a million brilliant things. A one-man show to be accomplished along with audiences.


Every Brilliant Thing, developed and created jointly by contemporary British playwright Duncan MACMILLAN and British comedian Jonny DONAHOE, is a story about a boy trying to save his mother from depression.


In 2021, 4 CHAIRS THEATRE brings Every Brilliant Thing to Taiwan. Directed by Artistic Director Tora HSU, the 4 CHAIRS THEATRE’s version of Every Brilliant Thing features a double cast, CHU Ding-yi and LIN Chia-chi, two leading members in the company, as well as Taiwan-specific experiences in growing up, localized contexts, and familiar music to share the ups and downs in a boy’s life with audiences.


After the resounding success and rave reviews in 2021 and 2022, the unplugged version of returns in 2024! Starring CHU Ding-yi, LIN Chia-chi, and WANG Shih-wei, each delivering their own interpretations, creating mutual brilliance.

Playwright|Duncan MACMILLAN, Jonny DONAHOE Script

Translator|Eric LIN

Director|Tora HSU

Actor|WANG Shih-wei (Mar. 15 20:00 & Mar. 16 16:30 & Mar. 23 13:30 & Mar. 24 16:30),

CHU Ding-yi ( Mar. 16 19:30 & Mar. 17 16:30 & Mar. 22 20:00 & Mar. 23 16:30),

LIN Chia-chi (Mar. 16 13:30 & Mar. 17 13:30 & Mar. 23 19:30 & Mar. 24 13:30)

Space and Light Designer|CHEN Guan-lin

Sound Designer|HUNG Yi-chun

Stage Manager|DENG Ming-you

Director Assistant|Ryan LIN


Production Director|SU Chih-peng

Producer|Ann WU

Administrator | CHEN Yi-Ling

Marketing Specialist|BPE


Script Licensing|Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd