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A Mid-Summer Night’s EROTIC Dream 主要圖片

A Mid-Summer Night’s EROTIC Dream

2024-05-24 - 2024-06-16

A Mid-Summer Night’s EROTIC Dream is the second production of Tainaner Ensemble’s Shakespearean Musical Project, conceived by the artistic director LU Po-Shen, the composer Blaire Ko and the playwright CHAO Chi-Yun as a way to open up/take a different look into what most consider to be Shakespeare’s plays – using songs, dance, contemporary language and re-written text. This production seeks to encompass a large part of the original text’s overt eroticism, some characters have therefore changed their gender and sexual orientation (Helena becomes Allen, a young gay). And, the fairy characters have all been dragged. In addition, the wood in the original text becomes a famous night club named The Wood with the drag shows.


A fairy King and Queen cross paths with four runaway lovers and a troupe of performers of the night club trying to rehearse a play for their new boss’ wedding party. As their dispute grows, the magical royal couple meddle with mortal lives leading to love triangles, mistaken identities and transformations… with hilarious, but dark consequences.

Tainaner Ensemble

Tainaner Ensemble was established in 1987. Tainaner strives to stimulate worldwide audience’s imagination and creativity by way of innovative and experimental techniques that display great "theatricality”. Under the leadership of the current artistic director, LU Po-Shen, Tainaner continues to expand its repertoire of "Western canon adaptations", "Taiwanese originals", "contemporary Euro-American classics", etc., which not only displayed Tainaner’s enthusiasm towards cross-cultural praxis, but also its commitment in introducing the works of contemporary Taiwanese and foreign playwrights.

Tainaner Ensemble

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director: LU Po-Shen

Script Adapted and Lyrics: CHAO Chi-Yun

Composer and Arrangement: Blaire KO

Choreography: SU Wei-Chia

Set Designer: LI Po-Lin

Lighting Designer: CHEN Dazai

Costume Designer: LI Yu-Shen

Photographer│CHENG  Dean
Graphic Designr│KUO Edi

Performer: Jasmine WANG, HO Hai-Hsiang, LEE Tsung-Kang, TSUEI Tai-Hao, CHANG Yu-Sheng, N-chen, CHANG Po-Hsiang, CHUANG Kai-Yu, LO Kyle, TSENG Jhih-Yuan, Maital•dakiludun, LIU Huan, HSIEH Meng-Ting

Live Band: Hot Tubes

Producer: LEE Wei-Mu, LU Po-Shen
Production Manager│LIU Chen-Chun

Production Assistant and Director Assistant: CHEN Yi-Kai

Stage Manager│HSU Cheng-lei, CIOU Yu-Wen

Technical Director│CHEN Chin-Young

Master Electrician│CHEN Yi-Hsin, CHOU Yu-Chen

Sound Equipment|TOPSOUND CO., LTD

Marketing│LIN Geng-Bang
Accounting│CHI Mei-Ling

Supervisor: Ministry of Culture
Organizer: Tainaner Ensemble
Co-organizer: Taipei Performing Arts Center
Sponsor: National Culture and Arts Foundation
Special Thanks: Department of Cultural Affairs,
Taipei City Government
Commissioned by National Taichung Theater

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