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2024 TCAF: LAB - Hello 主要圖片

2024 TCAF: LAB - Hello

2024-07-12 - 2024-07-14

5.13 (一) 12:00 TPAC Member pre-sale

5.20 (一) 12:00 Tickets can be purchased

“He~~ llo~~ He! Llo! He? Llo?
Hello... Hello? Hello! He? Llo?”
“Am I really the only one left here?”
“Is today the third day or the fortieth day, or perhaps the first year, the tenth?”
“If you can hear me, could you please let me know?”
“Maybe if I shout a little louder, someone will respond?”
If one day, someone is like an animal hibernating, sleeping continuously,
still breathing but no longer responsive to the world, do you think they still exist?
If one day, someone is asleep like the Sleeping Beauty,
their eyes never open again, no longer able to feed themselves, seemingly devoid of thought, are they trapped rather than gone?
“Hello” is a way of greeting, a beginning of longing for connection.
With only the word “hello” throughout, the actor expresses loneliness, contentment, imagination, and anticipation. Like sending Morse code, the actor interacts with you through various means imagined in his mind, such as shadows, moonlight, and sounds outside the window, hoping for a response from the unknown.
Hello, please listen carefully. Perhaps he’s been calling out inside your body all along. Hello, even if it's a faint voice, please remember to respond to him!

【 About Lab 】
We aim to serve as a nurturing environment, akin to a laboratory. Through trial performances and staged presentations, we gather audience feedback to propel our work even further and make it better in the next stage of development.

Artist Profile

Text and Director: Sun Wei-Zhen
Sun Wei-Zhen graduated from the Department of Theatre Arts at National Taipei University of the Arts, majoring in directing, and also holds a master's degree from the same department. She has extensive experience as a stage manager for numerous theatrical productions, demonstrating proficiency in both directing and scripting. She was formerly a core member of Kingkong Wave Production. Her recent directorial works for children include The Place Where You Never Grow Up in collaboration with Handinhand Children’s and Farewell, Farewell at the 2022 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival.

Co-Creator and Actor: Hu Shu-Mian
Hu Shu-Mian graduated from the Department of Theatre Arts at National Taipei University of the Arts, majoring in acting. She is currently a freelance theater actor. Outside of work, she finds joy in drawing and shares her home with two cats—a ginger cat and a calico cat. Cooking is another passion of hers. She actively engages in various theater activities, spanning across theaters of all sizes.

Stage and Props Design: Zeng Yan-Ting
Specializing in using objects to interpret works, Zeng Yan-Ting has extensive experience experimenting with various forms of creative expression, both within and outside the theater. Her expertise spans across space, lighting, installations, puppetry, and object performance. She often tackles unconventional spaces, skilled at utilizing environmental characteristics to create narrative scenes. Currently, she is a co-director at the Uncertain Studio.

Lighting Design: Wang Fang-Ning
Wang Fang-Ning endeavors to explore diverse relationships between light and space, whether by seeking light beyond the confines of the theater, integrating the light of everyday life, or translating theatrical lighting into the fabric of life itself.

Music Design: Luo Qi-Xuan
Communicating with Mimi about music design is an interesting process. Using images and adjectives, we focus on each other’s feelings. With experience in theater directing, Mimi excels at storytelling through music, ensuring that stories are not just performed but also heard.

Costume Design: Zhang Yu-Jie
Apart from possessing a strong visual identity, Zhang Yu-Jie’s costume style also harbors numerous intricate details. Through clothing, she adeptly establishes character images.

Cast & Creative

Text and Director: Sun Wei-Zhen
Co-Creator and Actor: Hu Shu-Mian
Music Design: Luo Qi-Xuan
Stage and Props Design: Zeng Yan-Ting
Lighting Design: Wang Fang-Ning
Costume Design: Zhang Yu-Jie
Sound Design: Chen Yu-Qian
Stage Manager: Huang Yong-Zhi
Producer: Wu Ying-Jie

Organizer: Taipei City Government
Implemeter: Taipei Performing Arts Center

Commissioned by Taipei Performing Arts Center

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