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2024 TCAF: Not Home Yet 主要圖片

2024 TCAF: Not Home Yet

2024-07-06 - 2024-07-07

5.13 (一) 12:00 TPAC Member pre-sale

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Xiao Bao’s mother passed away on her birthday, leaving a shadow over the celebration. Since then, her father has never wished her a "Happy Birthday" and becomes notably sad on this day. On one such morning, when she can't see her father's smile and he thinks she is off to school, Xiao Bao chooses a different path and sets off on a journey of her own...

During this surreal and mysterious trip, Xiao Bao encounters many people, and it seems as though she slowly starts to understand the answers to several questions: the meaning of her existence, the experience of being raised by a single parent, the nature of loss, and the feeling of regret... Throughout this journey, it seems that everything starts to make a bit more sense.

But the question remains, with these new insights, can she find the courage to make her way back home.



Not Home Yet won third place in the Children’s Drama Scriptwriting category at the 2023 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival. This production features the child actor Pon Chiu, in the hope to create a children’s theater piece that resonates closely with the real perspectives and feelings of children. It invites the audience on an immersive journey to experience this adventure together.

In the world filled with an overwhelming amount of information today, children are growing up faster, often dealing with worries, sadness, and loneliness, and sometimes struggling to see their own value. How can we be there for them in these moments? This piece hopes to voice the thoughts and feelings parents hold deep within, inviting them to join Xiao Bao on a dream-like adventure and assisting in guiding their children through a journey of growth. We invite you to join hands with your child and tackle these significant yet unavoidable issues together, exploring unique stories through the actors’ chants and gentle narratives.

It is a road trip designed for children, in which adults are also welcomed to be a part of.

Performing Group

House Peace 
Established In 2018,HousePeacewas founded by a group of professional theatre workers with their specialties including directing,acting,set design, lighting design, costume design, and different kinds of visual arts.
We are an art laboratory combining theatre and various elements for exhibitions and productions.
Focusing on the possibilities between theatre and space, we believe that our creative ideas will lead to multiple productions.

More Info: www.house-peace.com
Facebook: House Peace 
Instagram: house_peace_ 

Artist Profile

Playwright: Chen Hung-Yang
Chen Hung-Yang is a graduate of the Graduate Institute of Theatre Arts and Playwriting at the National Taipei University of the Arts (TNUA), majoring in Playwriting. He joined the Lize Puppet Art Colony in Taiwan as a playwright and engaged in an artistic residency in Tsubasa, Japan. During his academic journey, he also received a scholarship to further his studies at the Odin Teatret in Denmark. He has gained impressive accomplishments in both theater and film.

Director: Wu Zi-Jing
Wu Zi-Jing graduated from the Department of Theatrical Design & Technology at the National Taipei University of the Arts (TNUA), specializing in stage design. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in directing at the Graduate Institute of Theatre Arts and Playwriting, TNUA. In 2018, he co-founded House Peace, developing artistic creation through spatial design and installations. He has been actively involved in various theatrical choreography and design projects.

Cast & Creative

Director: Jing Wu
Playwrights: Chen Hung-Yang 
Performer: Elena, Ma Ya, Jing Wu, Gabriel Yang
Musician: Sam Yang 

Producer: Ada Wei 
Stage Manager: Ssu Han Chen
Lighting Design:  Wu Hsia-Ning
Music Composer: Sam Yang 
Costume Design: Zeze Chen
Organizer: Taipei City Government
Implemeter: Taipei Performing Arts Center

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