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2024 TAF: Intruder 主要圖片

2024 TAF: Intruder

2024-08-02 - 2024-08-04

5.27 (Mon.) 12:00 TPAC Member pre-sale
6.3 (Mon.) 12:00 Tickets can be purchased

“The history of Taiwan is composed by intruders, one after another” - Huan-Hsiung Li

Premiered in 1986 as one of the representative works in the second generation of The Little Theatre Movement of Taiwan, Intruder by Huan-Hsiung Li and the Rive-Gauche Theatre Group reflects the dysphoric, unsettled, and suppressed reality during the martial law period. This work juxtaposes the adaptations of Maurice Maeterlinck’s one-act play Intruder and Truman Capote’s short story “Miriame”. Whilst at times engaging viewers with a meta-perspective, this piece invokes the ambiguous intertextuality between the situatedness of the characters, the actors, and the audience.

Intruder marks the beginning of the highly symbolic and poetic theatrical style of Li, following which he (co)founded the Creative Society Theatre Company and the Mr. Wing Theatre Company. Almost four decades apart, Li, now one of Taiwan's most presenting theatre directors whose oeuvre ranges across avant-garde theatre, musical and opera, revisits his first directing work.

The revival version is joined by the emerging director Jing Wu, founder of House Peace and resident director of the Mr. Wing Theatre Company, forming a dialogue between two generations with their unique interpretations and observations of various eras. Who is the intruder, and for what they intrude, now? With a critically acclaimed cast including Yen Ling Hsu, Hua-Chien Hsu and Jing-Yi Wu, Intruder attempts to, once again, reexamine the symptoms of our society.

Li Huan-Hsiung, Taiwan

Li Huan-Hsiung is currently the Artistic Director of the Mr. Wing Theatre Company and also serves as a tenured Associate Professor and Program Director of the MFA Program of PERFORMING and CREATIVE ARTS at Tunghai University. He was a founding member of the Rive-Gauche Theatre Group and the Creative Society Theatre Group. In the 1980s, he pioneered poetic imagery theatre based on literary creation, making him a key figure in the second wave of the new theater movement. His work Kanshooryokoo won the 20th Taishin Arts Award Grand Prize.


Wu Zi-Jing, Taiwan

Wu Zi-Jing is the artistic director of the House Peace Theatre Group and a resident director at the Mr. Wing Theatre Company. In 2020, his directorial short film Somewhere out there was selected for multiple international film festivals. In 2022, he presented his directorial work Got me looking so crazy right now at the National Theater & Concert Hall's Ideas Lab. His stage design work for Kanshooryokoo won the 20th Taishin Arts Award Grand Prize.


Mr.Wing Theatre Company

Mr.Wing Theatre Company was founded in 2006 by Li Huan-Hsiung, once a vital member of the Rive-Gauche Theatre Group and Creative Society. The troupe inherits the legacy of the Rive-Gauche Theatre Group and the experience of Creative Society to form a theatre of imagery and progressive aesthetics and to emphasize the practical and spiritual purposes of scripts. Recently the troupe has been experimenting with renowned Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy LIAO's musicals, opera, and multimedia performance to build a performance platform of infinite possibilities, great aptitudes, and potent styles. The troupe aims to engage in international cultural exchange through theatrical touring. With an emphasis on merging Eastern and Western modern theater, the troupe looks to drive the creative momentum of Taiwan's theater and cultivate the public’s appreciation of aesthetic diversity.
Upholding the founding beliefs of the troupe, Mr. Wing Theatre Company will continuously explore new theatrical horizons and international exchange opportunities, hoping that the encounter of different genres and cultures will lead to splendid outcomes.

Production Team: Mr. Wing Theatre Company

Title: Intruders

Original Works: Maurice Mæterlinck's "Intruders"

Directors: LI Huan-Hsiung, WU Zi-Jing

Script Editing: LI Huan-Hsiung, WU Zi-Jing

Producer: CHANG Bao-Huey

Music Director: CHEN Chien-Chi

Stage Design: WU Zi-Jing, CHEN Liang-Ru

Lighting Design: WU Hsia-Ning

Costume Design: Jerry HSIEH

New Media Design: Che YEH

Director Assistant: YANG Qi-Yi, CHUNG,Wan-Ru

Cast: HSU Yen-Ling, HSU Hua-Chien, YANG Qi-Yin, WU Jing-Yi, LIAO Chen-Chih, WANG Chao-Yang, CHEUNG Ka-Yan, HUANG Pin-Yuan

AI Generated Video Director: LEE Kuo-Han

Mr. Wing Theatre Company received funding from the National Culture and Arts Foundation for the 113th year's performing arts team award project.

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