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2024 TAF: The Loser of Legend 主要圖片

2024 TAF: The Loser of Legend

2024-08-09 - 2024-08-11

5.27(Mon.)  12:00  Member pre-sale

6.03(Mon.)  12:00  Official launch of sales

Live, and win if not losing.

1915, the 20th year of Japanese rule. U Tshing-Hong, Lo Tsun and Gong Tin, three men with their own aspirations for rebellion, gathered at Selai Temple in Tainan. Vowing for unity and asking for blessing, they were on the verge of igniting a fire of war for survival and freedom after a series of indomitable fights by their predecessors.

Based on the true history of the Tapani incident, which is considered to be the largest uprising during the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan, The Loser of Legend introduces the legendary story by combining the aesthetics of the eight infernal generals (Bajiajiang) and Song Jiang Battle Array from the Zhentou culture. 

Depicting unresolved contradictions caused by insurrections, this piece also brought two brothers choosing different sides together as they witnessed the roaring of thousands of peasants joining forces. As the militia from the farms tramped towards Tapani, the thunderous bombings following the lines soon shattered their hopes, love, and dreams. 

Devoted to embodying the aesthetic cultures of contemporary Taiwan, Golden Bough Theatre once again colours the stage with its signature folklore spirits. Assembling a cast of multiple award-winning artists, The Loser of Legend unfolds a poignant yet powerful and deeply touching story of struggles, reflecting the resilience of humanity in difficult times.

Wang Rong-Yu, Taiwan

Founder and Artistic Director of Golden Bough Theatre, and awardee of the 22th National Awards for Arts of Taiwan, Wang Rong-Yu was born into a family of Taiwanese opera performers. His works, incorporating the dramatic styles of the traditional and the modern and the East and West, showcase rich Taiwanese culture, while his unique aesthetics has made him an influential figure in the Taiwanese drama world. They include Matinee in the Rain, The Con Game, Happiness series, Troy, Troy...Taiwan, and She is So Lovely, etc. He was nominated for Best Director at the Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music in 2021.


Golden Bough Theatre

Founded in 1993 by Director Wang Rong-Yu, Golden Bough Theatre insists on the idea that “The most touching culture is the one that grows in the earth” to create domestically unparalleled aesthetics of Taiwanese musicals yet praised as the most down-to-earth Taiwanese troupe. With a unique artistic conception of space aesthetics, the troupe launched the classic Environmental Epic Theatre series in Taiwan, which gained significant recognition at home and abroad, Golden Bough is a modern theatre that embodies the aesthetic cultures of contemporary Taiwan.

Director: Wang Rong-Yu
Producer and Playwright: Yu Hui-Fen
Assistant Director: Shih Tung-Ling
Music Designer: Blaire Ko
Stage Designer: Huang Yu-Han
Costume Designer: Keith Lin
Lighting Designer: Che Ko-Chien (Dennis)
Martial Arts Choreography: Peng Wei-Chun
Taiwanese language guidance: Li Bi-chhin
Hakka guidance: Wang Hsing-Pao
Japanese guidance: Kiyama Motoaki
Song-Jiang Team Instructor: Lin Kun-Yen& Song-Jiang Team of Chiu Lung Temple at Nanshi, Chiali
Photography: Chen Shao-Wei

Guest Starring: Wang Jun-Jie
Leading Role: Wei Yi-Cheng, Shih Tung-Ling, Kuo Yao-Jen, Chang Chia-Chen, Lee Yun-Chung, Liu Shu-Chuan, Tseng Hua-Hsuan
Co-starring: Ho Szu-Yo, Chen Chung-Fu, Chiou Ren-Ting, Wang Pin-Kuo, Lu Jian-Nan, Lin Jian-Ping, Lin, Tsai-Hui, Chang Yu-Wei, Ku Hsin, Hsu Chao-Tzu, Lai Chien-Tai, Cheng Yung-Yueh

Title Calligraphy: Dizzy Ha
Key Visual Design: Atelier.63
Promotion Coordinator: Hung Hsiao-Hsin, Yang Shu-Kai
Executive Producer: Wang Wei-Ru
Rehearsal Assistant: Lin I-Lu

※The Loser of Legend is commissioned by Taipei Performing Arts Center.

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