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2024 TAF: The Sun 主要圖片

2024 TAF: The Sun

2024-08-09 - 2024-08-11

5.27 (Mon) 12:00 - Paid Member Pre-sale
6.3 (Mon) 12:00 - Official Sales Start


Before understanding each other, we are destined to kill one another.

Premiered in 2011, The Sun by the Japanese playwriter/director Tomohiro Maekawa sets the scene on a post-apocalyptic Earth in the early 21st century. The world’s population has significantly decreased and is divided into two groups: the mutated new breed, Nokusu, and the old humans, Kyurio. The former are intolerant to sunlight but outsmart the latter, thus controlling resources and oppressing the Kyurios in poverty. 

Long before the COVID-19 outbreak, the sci-fi philosophical fable imagines a dystopian future brought about by bioterror attacks. Not only are characters distinguished by intelligence or physical capacity, but also by their own beliefs and faith in ways of coexisting, which can be contradictory even within the same “species”.

The smash hit has received great praise and has been adapted into a movie, a novel, and multiple stage versions, making it recognized internationally. This year, continuing his pursuit of naturalistic aesthetics, Tora Hsu, a theater prodigy and the artistic director of 4 CHAIRS THEATRE, leads a phenomenal Taiwanese cast in reinterpreting the piece within a post-pandemic context. After what we have collectively been through, this new staging reinvestigates how we confront divided and extreme positions in a still-fragmented world.


4 CHAIRS THEATRE is a Taiwan-based theatre company that devotes itself to devising theatre pieces and staging original or localized plays. Whether a production takes off from devising, playwriting, or translating, the company keeps in mind that the work in hand, along with the body of work, should focus on the here and now and reflect the everyday life of its audience. Since its establishment in 2007, 4 CHAIRS has not only been a multiple-time finalist of Taishin Arts Awards, but also a frequent invitee to prominent houses like the National Theatre, the National Taichung Theatre, and Taipei Performing Arts Center. And, from 2019 on, the National Culture and Arts Foundation has annually placed the company under the label "TAIWAN TOP" in recognition of its dedication to the performing arts industry. At present, 4 CHAIRS has made itself a company with the ability to find balance among artistic pursuits, work quality, ticket sales, and audience reception, one not to be missed in the landscape of contemporary Taiwanese theatre.


Tora Hsu, Taiwan

Artistic Director of the 4 CHAIRS THEATRE, he holds a MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Currently serving as a lecturer in the Department of Drama at Taipei National University of the Arts, Tora Hsu was honored as “People of the Year” by PAR Performing Arts Magazine in 2021, and selected for Cloud Gate's “Art Makers Project”. With a focus on collectivity as a creative principle, he centers on a "new realism" aesthetic with the text at its core. Several of his works have been nominated for the Taishin Arts Award.


Tomohiro Maekawa, Japan

Playwright and director born in 1974. His style has a science fiction and philosophical worldview, and his production is unique, making time and space appear seamless. He has won many theatre awards in Japan. He also works on video scripts, novels, and manga originals. His masterpiece, BEFORE WE VANISH, was made into a film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Performances in Paris and South Korea have been well-received, and translated versions in various languages have been published in recent years. In 2023, his latest work To Deliver a Soul won the Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Work. 


Playwright: Tomohiro Maekawa
Director: Tora Hsu
Assistant Director: Chen Yu-Dien
Script Translation: Tsan Mu-ju
Script Adaptation: Chen Yi-En
Cast: Lin Zi-Heng, Gaki Lin, David Chu, Tsuei Tai-Hao, Chen Yi-En, Yang Chia-En, Tsai Yi-Ling, Li Wei-Cih, Rico Wei

Set Design: Liao Yin-Chiao
Light Design: Chen Guan-Lin
Video Design: Wang Cheng-Yuan
Sound Design: Iggy Hung
Costume Design: Yulin Fann
Director Assistant: Mao Ssu-Yu, Ryan Lin

Stage Manager: Teng, Ming-Yu
Assistant Stage Manager: Chiu Yen-Han
Technical Director: Liou Bor-Yan
Master Electrician: Zeng Ze-Hong
Audio Technical Director: Chen Yu-Chien
Make-up & Hair: Teddy Cheng, Sarah Wu
Wardrobe: Sen Wu, Liao Yun-Hui
Production Director: Su Chih-Peng
Producer: Ann Wu
Executive Producer: Lu Lin
Administration: Chen Yi-Ling
Marketing: BPE

Main Vision
Visual Coordination: Yen Design
Creative Director: Yen Po Chun
Art Director: Dizzy Ha
Graphic Designer: Zhou Yi-Xun
Project Manager: Chen An
Photography: Etang Chen
Lighting: Tsai Ping-HsiaoPhotography Assistant: Chen Kuo-Ta, Wang Ying-Han
Stylist: Yulin Fann
Make-up & Hair: Chung Chi-Fu, Lin Shao-Chen

Trailer: Eric Hsu
Documentation Photographer: BiG BiG CHEN International Film Co., Ltd.

Ticket Benefits

Member Pre-sale

Member Pre-sale Period: May 27th 12:00PM until June 3rd 12:00 PM

  • Frequent Attenders (“Addicted Players”) ── 25% discount. Earn a 50%-off coupon after purchasing tickets to three separate performances. The coupon will be available after the third performance on your membership account on the TPAC website.
  • Large Groups (“Trooper Players”) ── 15% discount. Discount increases to 20% for orders of 4-9 tickets (same performance time) and to 25% for orders of 10 or more tickets (same performance time).


Ticket Sales Start Date: June 3rd 12:00 PM

  • Frequent Attenders (“Addict Players”) ── 15% discount. Earn a 50%-off coupon after purchasing tickets to three separate performances. The coupon will be available after the third performance on your membership account on the TPAC website.
  • Large Groups (“Trooper Players”) ── 15% discount. Discount increases to 25% for orders of 4-9 tickets (same performance time) and to 30% for orders of 10 or more tickets (same performance time).
  • Basic (“Rookie Players”) ── 10% discount. Register for free on the TPAC website to enjoy ticket discounts.


New Membership Special: before June 3rd 12:00 PM
Register as a Basic member (free) on the TPAC website and enjoy two 18% discount coupons.*

* Coupons can be used starting June 3rd 12:00 PM. Valid only for performances hosted by Taipei Performing Arts Center during the 2024 Taipei Arts Festival (TAF). Cannot be combined with other offers.

Ticket Packages

Ticket Package Discounts:

  • Early Bird: June 3rd 12:00 PM until July 1st 12:00 PM
    Purchase any TAF ticket in the amount of NT$1100 or more for an 18% discount on total purchase.

  • TAF TIME Ticket Package: June 3rd 12:00PM
    Enjoy a 15% discount on tickets priced NT$600 or more for shows of three different performers, and receive a scented candle** ("The Artist's Time Whispers").

** Present tickets at the customer service desk to receive candles. One candle per customer. Availability limited to 250 candles.

Other Discounts

Partner Benefits:

  • Eslite Members: 8% off ticket purchase.
  • Yushan Bank, Fubon Bank, Taishin Bank credit card holders: 8% off ticket purchase (must purchase with CC)


Larger Group Ticket Discounts:

  • 20 or more tickets for a single performance time: 20% off.
  • 50 or more tickets for a single performance time: 25% off.
  • 100 or more tickets for a single performance time: 30% off.


Senior/Disabled Discounts:

  • Disabled individuals and assisting companion (limited to 1 person) can enjoy a 50% discount (must present official disability certificate at time of entry).
  • Senior citizens aged 65 and above can enjoy a 50% discount (must present valid identification at time of entry).

*** TPAC reserves the right to change the performance details and discounts at any time. ***


Other Discounts: Starting June 3rd 12:00 PM

  • Members of 4 CHAIRS THEATRE who purchase tickets for 'The Sun' can enjoy a 10% discount on an unlimited number of tickets (Opentix account must be linked with members of 4 CHAIRS THEATRE  in advance). For any questions, please contact 4 CHAIRS THEATRE at: https://www.facebook.com/4chairstheatre
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